2020 Year Report PowerPoint by CreativeSlides is a pale, clean template suite built for corporate communications. Although it is primed for Annual Report functions this is a good go-to deck for any corporate messaging.

There are nearly fifty well titled slides that have practical design elements. Don’t know what EBITDA highlights look like? Check the layouts in this deck.

There are a number of light toned colour ways predefined, with the option to add your own.

Unusually, there are .thmx files included in the package which will attempt to move decks into the new style at the push of a button. This is worth testing if you are willing to keep a close eye on all elements.

The typography is functional and clean. What sets this deck apart is that it is extremely ready for real world use. The amount of content on each slide is close to a normal corporate presentation. This means you won’t waste anytime reformatted aesthetically pleasing layouts to the utilitarian demands of the project.

Many slides have multiple columns with varying information. For example, a pie chart alongside a full panel of text. A dense masonry style cascading table full of ideas offers a jigsaw of content. The Sales KPI performance slide and the Sales Revenue slide are good examples.

No branding or page folios are present on the template, so add those early on in the masters to save some time.

Photography is suggested in black and white only. This works well with the pale colour palette.

2020 Year Report PowerPoint doesn’t brag about unlimited icon sets or a complete world map set. Instead it does what it sets out to do – provide the material you need to build the project quickly.

2020 Year Report PowerPoint is a very practical toolbox for corporate use.


About the Product
2020 Year Report is a comprehensive report on a company’s activities throughout the preceding year. Year reports also know as Annual Report are intended to give shareholders and other interested people information about the company’s activities and financial performance. This presentation template is best choice for creating a new Year Report, Annual Report or Company Profile and have all needed topics and metrics for this.
Letter from CEO
Year Highlights
Business Quote
Business Goals & Objectives
Strategic Goals
What We Do
Business Concept
Business Competitiveness
Financial Statement
Profit & Loss
EBITDA Highlights
Financial Condition
Distribution Growth
Top Clients & Vendors
Sales KPI Performance
Sales Revenue
Financial Targets
Business Model
Ownership & Management
Out Team
Company Organization
Sister Companies
Reference Brands
Our Products
Events Schedule – Month
Our Offering
Customer Reviews
Regional Presence
Future Perspectives
Widescreen 16:9 (1920×1080) screen size
Full editable in PowerPoint
5 Pre-made color themes
Free fonts
User Guide
Vector icons
5 PPTX (MS PowerPoint) files
5 THMX files
User Guide PDF file
This template have been designed for Microsoft PowerPoint.