32 Second – Powerpoint Template by inspirasign is a presentation deck built for rapid communication of a pitch idea. Maybe 32 seconds is the average attention span of an over pitched investor?

30 slides – almost one for every second – get the basic layouts in place.

The colour palette is a flat grey and faded honey. It would be a cinch to change this tone into your brands colour and it would work well. Perhaps the increasing requirement for dark mode in apps and products could be a positive for this template.

The fonts are a familiar Montserrat-esque. Expect headlines in all caps with a smaller subheading. The difference this time is that the subheading is in outline, which crushes the readability. Kerning is at regular. Tint ghost headlines don’t add much to the communication or visual impression.

Photographic items art direction is muted and flat with low contrast. Several slides contain examples of images with tints over them across half or quarter of the image or in ‘window panes’.

Data slides contain an abundance of personality strength and weakness bar charts. Maybe for team member or biography slides these will be handy. There’s an Apple watch kind of placeholder device slide, if you need it.

An unusual hamburger icon alludes to mobile UX design to give it a modern feel. There’s a dated “+” grid motif, which needs to be removed since 2007.

It’s hard to fully endorse this template as the best elements are also to be found elsewhere and the abundance of page items that need to be adapted mean it might be better to skip this product for a similar but less cluttered alternative.


About the Product
32 Second – Presentation Template is a Minimalist, Creative, Unique presentation template for commercial enterprise or personal use, creative industry, business and many more. If you’re looking for unique,different design with profesional presentation get this presentation now!
  • 5 PPTX (16:9)
  • Documentation
  • 30 Modern, Creative, Unique Slide
  • 5 Color Scheme
  • Based on Masterslide
  • Picture Placeholder
  • Easy Customise
  • Vector Based
  • Fully Editable
  • Used Free Font
Image used : All photographs or pictures used in the preview are not included, they are intended for illustration purpose only.