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INDIGO PPT Presentation Templates

INDIGO PPT Presentation Templates By Vintage To Vectors is an arty template deck based around an attractive gold, indigo and pale blue colour palette. With a bit of tweaking, the craft based feel could be reduced and the pleasant colour palette could be harnessed for a different kind of presentation. Right now, you are going to find the gold flakes too crude to leave

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54 PowerPoint Infographic Elements

54 PowerPoint Infographic Elements by Wipavee is a wide selection of image driven infographics that are fully editable inside Powerpoint. There’s no need to use Illustrator to amend the colours or element sizing, everything is modifiable within the main software. Many of the 54 infographics are very unique and so won’t be required in real life. Do you really expect to present corporate data

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Flowchart PowerPoint Templates By Site2max

Flowchart PowerPoint Templates by Site2max is the premier template suite for when you need an elegant flow chart built rapidly. What sets this apart from similar assets is that each element has been carefully designed in a way that Powerpoint cannot achieve with it’s crude tools. Slightly curved corners and smooth bends demonstrate a good eye for aesthetics. A quick glance at these slides

Flowchart PowerPoint Templates By Site2max 2020-07-27T03:51:29+00:00

Organizational Chart for PowerPoint

Organizational Chart for PowerPoint by Site2max is a helpful assistance when there is a requirement to build detailed chart elements inside Powerpoint. The slides exhibit all kinds of flow-style hierarchies, tree diagrams and organisational diagrams. They run in a variety of vertical and horizontal formats. This asset deck spares the pain of drawing lines and arrows that are overly difficult to line up perfectly.

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Magic Morph Powerpoint Template By BrandEarth

Magic Morph Powerpoint Template by BrandEarth is a show case for the magic morph transition that was introduced to Powerpoint a few years ago. The basic layout are photo heavy business layouts that move smoothly from one layout to another. To see what this presentation is really about take a look at it in motion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4gRGABOL6k&feature=youtu.be There are sixty slide designs ready to be

Magic Morph Powerpoint Template By BrandEarth 2020-07-27T03:50:35+00:00

Marketing Proposal PowerPoint By CreativeSlides

Marketing Proposal PowerPoint by CreativeSlides is a practical design suite that won’t set hearts racing with its functional design, but will be a helpful buddy in the office environment. Any business user is going to find plenty of elements to adapt inside this deck. It’s like an empty canvas for your content. The basic materials are here and it’s up to you to bring

Marketing Proposal PowerPoint By CreativeSlides 2020-07-27T03:50:11+00:00

2020 Year Report PowerPoint

2020 Year Report PowerPoint by CreativeSlides is a pale, clean template suite built for corporate communications. Although it is primed for Annual Report functions this is a good go-to deck for any corporate messaging. There are nearly fifty well titled slides that have practical design elements. Don’t know what EBITDA highlights look like? Check the layouts in this deck. There are a number of

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Pie Charts By slidequest

Pie Charts by slidequest is a short selection of fully editable pie charts. They are ready to copy paste into your next data rich presentation. Colours are easily adaptable, as are the chart label’s typographic elements. You will need to confirm with the developer if this product is Excel ready for when you want to quickly add data. PowerPoint offers a lot of options

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Neat PowerPoint Template

Neat PowerPoint Template by SlideArt is a clean and straightforward business template that handles the job well. It’s like a battle-scarred middle manager of a product. It can handle whatever you throw at it and gets it done efficiently. With 100 slides, Neat makes a broad toolbox. There is a strong emphasis on colour options. With 85 pre-determined options set up it could make

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CRYPTO Powerpoint Template

CRYPTO Powerpoint Template by ShapeSlide is a fintech facing template design. It’s built to house information about current coin prices, and timelines to launch, along with the usual complement of slides you’d expect in a modern template deck. Beyond those unusual elements, the design is based around a dark mode in navy which emphasises the gradient vector line style of the graphic elements. There

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