Charts and Graphs PowerPoint by Site2max is a pleasant Powerpoint built data asset template.
There are 30 charts and graphs prepared in a muted, conservative colour palette.

It’s expectation is to be cut and pasted into your developing presentation project.

The drawback is that these charts are manually drawn and constructed inside of PPT. They don’t have any way to automatically update with new Excel data. This might prevent many users from touching them, but if you need something bespoke with content that is unlikely to change at anytime, this could be suitable.

There are plenty of layout options and designs to draw inspiration from. That’s really the purpose here. It’s less practical than would be hoped for, so prepare to spend some time reconstructing things to correct dimensions.

If these designs could be more rapidly updated this would be a truly outstanding deal. As it currently stands, it’s certainly worth a closer look, but is not yet perfect.


About the Product
Charts and Graphs PowerPoints Template
30 Unique Professional Slide Templates
16x9HD, Retina Ready
.PPT, .PPTX files (Support PowerPoints)
Easy to edit! 2 Click to customization: Only editable shapes for PowerPoints
Font “Arial”: No need install
Retina ready