Overdrive Powerpoint template by Visuel Colonie® is a monochromatic template spread over fifty clean slides. It has a stylish editorial feel. This can be seen in the elegant pullquotes, captions, headlines and rotated headlines which run upward from the side.

While the artistic feel of these larger text sizes may need to be reigned back a little to please more conservative clients, the overall tone of the template is of a high quality, well considered, grid-based structure.

It would work well for an annual report style presentation or introduction to a more data rich secondary section.

Overdrive is very thin on data slides. You will need to obtain an additional template suite to fully flesh this out, if that is what’s required. The mockups really push toward a fashion or lifestyle target group.

The bundled device placeholder assets are past their sell by date, so prepare to obtain newer models.

Overdrive has an unorthodox page number placement system which looks good on the mockup slides, but will probably be an annoyance in real world use.

The number of images per slide and placement of them is both interesting and thoughtful. It could be easily appropriated if the deck needed to feature some smaller (or less powerful) imagery. By using three smaller images a greater effect is created than a standalone picture.

Overdrive makes a useful addition to a presentation designers toolbox.


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