Flow Charts 1 PowerPoint Template By Yes Presentations is a component deck that gives you the assets required to meet flow chart requirements.

It’s designed to be copy/pasted into a project that contains your other content. The slides are prepared in an unusual A4 landscape format so simply dragging the whole slide into your deck generally won’t work.

There are 11 slides offering variations in designs and positioning.

At an initial glance, these slides have a dated look about them. Whether that is the font used in the preview slides, or the slightly faded colour palettes or design flourishes such as chunky shadows or thin stripe backgrounds. All this will need to be polished to fit within your project before sending out. The connector arrows are always difficult to align perfectly inside Powerpoint and looking at the preview images, the designer has had difficulty here too. Some of the elbow connectors aren’t 100% smoothly aligned.

Apparently the design of these slides applies the method of Russian psychologist, Bluma Zeigarnik’s “to raise curiosity for your offer”. That’s a pretty cool statement, although it’s not clear what those insights are here.

If you’re prepared to spend a little time on the reskin of these slides you will have the necessary elements to build a neat flowchart. With that in mind it might be just as quick to build from scratch. It depends on your level of experience.


About the Product
Flow Charts PowerPoint Template
6 Unique Slides
Total: 66 Slides
11 Colors
SIZE: A4 Landscape
A4 Landscape for more information and better view.You can print this slide on a printer paper or save as PDF for distribution. All elements are fully editable – No Photoshop needed.
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Our approach is based on the latest research on how the brain receives and processes information
Our Slides Help You Apply Russian psychologist, Bluma Zeigarnik’s method to raise curiosity for your offer, giving you a powerful advantage to make your audience recall the most important messages of your presentation.
Our Slides Help you Create better “appeal” for your offer to provide higher emotional touch, so you can increase the chance of getting a unanimous “hell yes” to your offer.