Infographics templates presentations by Abert in Templates is an extravaganza of slides packaged together in an ultra-large format. This suite has 1200 infographics and an expanded bundle adds approximately 1000 more to the deal for a small price increase.

A quick glance at the overview slide and you could be lead to believe that it’s a deep pit of childish, unprofessional illustrations, that lack charm or sophistication.

It’s worth scrolling through the in-depth preview images to see the hidden goodies that are certainly mixed in with a lot of filler.

The best way to assess this pack is to cut out all the junk. That removes a good chunk.

Lose the animation on the Isometric Illustrations. (Small parts of these pictures may be useful). Puzzle should be discarded on the whole. Doodle is surplus to requirement. Realistic looks terrible. Business slides are generally too childish for actual business use. Illustrations may contain components that have some merit in the future. Medical and Ecology are pure filler.

Photo has the feel of many template suites you will encounter in the wild. It’s not bad, it’s just not that exciting and feels a bit half-hearted. Isometric has many illustrations that have been in favour on front pages for some time. Parallax looks lovely… but will it get any use?

Onto the treasures…

The Data Charts update automatically from Excel, so they will certainly make the grade, even if many of them are too cutesy for professionals.

Arrows is interesting to the professional presentation builder. It’s full of clear and useful items to illustrate processes and cycles.

Some of the Creative slides will find their way into your presentations with a bit of tweaking. There are many useful infographics amongst this crowd so take a second look.

Abstract, Timelines and Diagrams are probably the most functional of the packs. There are many almost-ready layouts to be combined with your page designs without too much editing. These two sections certainly are worth exploring. Many of these slides are available separately on professional image libraries so this bundle could be a reason to cancel those subscriptions.

Flowcharts offers plenty of adaptable layouts that have elements ready to be picked and repurposed. Especially useful are the connecting lines which have smooth curves and bends. Something less easy to emulate inside Powerpoint.

Cycle and Lines, with their flat colouring and broad multiple options will definitely serve many purposes in time to come and by now the number of positive items is starting to weigh in favourably.

The benefits continue with Maps. Fully editable and with regional components, this is a superior asset. Anywhere that is anywhere is covered here.

The full stop bonus item is 100 business related icons. These thin line icons are pleasant enough if you should need some basic items.

It would have been easy to dismiss this pack without spending enough time to unearth the goodies, so do check the full bundle (and the expanded pack) to see whether this range has the right feel as part of an over arching toolbox. The good stuff is there, dont’ be overwhelmed by the filler.


About the Product
This set is part of this bundle “2200 Infographics Templates Bundle” – . Save your money and buy infographic elements bundles with huge discount.
June Update – 200 New Infographics:
Excel Charts PowerPoint Infographic
Creative animated infographics
Realistic infographic presentations
Doodle v.2 Infographics
1200 Animated infographic templates for every style with FREE UPDATE. Be it business, geography, medicine, minimal, creativity, cycles, isometric and much more.
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Abstract Infographics ($19)
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Isometric Illustration ($24)
Lines Infographics ($19)
Medical infographics ($19)
Ecological presentation templates ($19)
Arrows ($19)
Diagrams ($24)
Maps ($24)
Minimal ($19)
Business infographic presentations ($19)
Doodle Infographics ($19)
Puzzle Infographics ($19)
Photo slides presentations ($19)
Timelines infographic presentations ($19)
Flat animated illustrations ($14)
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Free updates
All slides are fully animated
50 XML Colors Themes (only for PowerPoint)
Dark & Light Template
Maps & Flags
Isometric Illustrations
Parallax Slides (only for PowerPoint)
All elements in files are grouped and easy editable
Fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint
All Objects are PowerPoint Vector Shapes
Editable stroke weight
100% Vector
Fonts used are all FREE:
Open Sans
Architects daughter
Amatic Bold