Lookbook Powerpoint 8 in 1 Bundle by Elokka Std. contains a huge selection of nearly 800 slides for the bargain price of $35.

You receive a vast variety of elegant designs that have a luxurious, editorial feel with feminine overtones.

Many of the pre-built designs will need to be modified as the default templates are hipster style, rustic, handwriting or gritty. In real-world usage, you will be likely to receive feedback that the ‘font is too small’ on body copy. Clients often feel that this is more caveat or caption style sizing. Still, it does look great on the preview imagery and designers are likely to want to spend time viewing these designs, before customising them.

There are a small selection of data displays such as handbuilt elegant piecharts, or artful barcharts. These are better suited for aesthetic reasons than detailed data. The primary focus of this bundle is to display clean imagery to it’s fullest. Lookbook design is always an enjoyable project.

From a business design standpoint, there are numerous great section break slides here and it’s worth checking out the the individual presentations online to assess each template design individually.

A Keynote version is also available.

Product Specs
Created: Oct 07, 2018
Compatible with: Powerpoint
File Size: 185.53 MB
Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 px
16 : 9 Aspect Ratio
780+ Unique & Gorgeous Slides
High-res 1920×1080 Pixel (Full HD)
Lookbook and Magazine Style Layout
High Quality and Unique Layout Design every Slide ( No Same Layout )
Made with Slidemaster ( Just Drag & Drop your Image )
Easy to Customize and Fully Editable
Free Font Used ( link on Help File)
Preview PDF Included