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Great Ideas

A stop motion presentation creates a unique effect


This deck shows how regular images can be converted into parallax 3D effect. This technique is perfect for bringing profile images and other forms of photography to ...

Security Through Consideration Deck

A short presentation for a new type of security

Mobius Tech Start-up Investor Pitch

An investor pitch presentation for an American tech

Prezi / Big Data X PR

A Prezi deck for a UK-based Big Data firm. The final deck also included a streaming promotional video which has been removed from this anonymized content. Note the parallax and transparencies used to increase a sense of depth and scale. Also there are build in infographics which push at the edges of ...

Appraisal Scope Kiosk PPT

This kiosk PowerPoint presentation for Appraisal Scope takes advantage of subtle animation and transition effects to escape the PowerPoint confines. It also uses custom fonts which have been made universally compatible. ...


Presentations, reports, pitch materials, PDFs and more has been produced for Hill+Knowlton, one of the longest-established PR and communications agencies in the world. The team has been fantastic and the projects exciting! Unfortunately, they're all under non-disclosure agreements, so the corporate ...