Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template by CreativityForest is a new favourite suite. Look past that childish start-up rocket graphic on the front cover and you will see a versatile template suite. It’s a chameleon of functionality.

83 fully labelled slides (see the product description) are built around a real grid system. This creates surprise and unity simultaneously.

Tonally, the colour palette is well considered. If your project is currently unbranded then the default mode is a perfect start. This is a rare find.

Consideration has been given to font pairings. It may not be optimal or needed, but it points towards your own careful adaptions.

Page folios, logos and descriptions are all ready to be updated in their default placement. A time saver!

Icons use a gradient effect which demonstrates the developers attention to detail although the bundled set is a generic pack.

The interplay between photography of many styles is well thought through. Colour overlays are used to good effect. This means that no matter what assets you have to work with, they are going to fit here without obstruction.

Almost everything you would expect from a template suite is contained inside CreativityForest’s suite. The biggest surprise is the consistancy of quality. Almost every slide is ready to go immediately. This is going to be a firm foundation for your template designer.


About the Product
Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template is a professional presentation with the required sections of an effective Investor Pitch. This is the same recipe that has helped successful startup founders to get many investors. Also, it assists in explaining the venture or business idea with the help of visually appealing content.
Table of Contents
Who we are
Why us?
Our Advantages
Market Validation
Market Opportunity
Market Size
Market Adoption
Possible Market Share
5.Product & Demo
User Testimonials
Customer Opinion
7.Business Model -Business Model -Revenue Model -Pricing Plan
Competitive Positioning
Competitor Analysis
Competitive Advantages
9.Proprietary Tech
10.Marketing and Sales
SWOT Analysis
Marketing Mix
Customer Analysis
Social Media Strategies
Market Area Strategies
Sales Strategies
11.Future Perspectives
The Future
Future Perspectives
Investment Opportunity
How the funds will be used
-Contact Us
80 Unique slides in the presentation templates
16:9 & 4:3 Aspect Ratio
Professional, Creative & Clean design
Modern layouts based on Master Slide
Vector Icon Library